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Anywhere in the World, (Drawing) Comic is Cool

Whether you are in San Diego, having a blast at the biggest convention, or in Tokyo, strolling from one manga museum to others, or even in a secluded tropical island in Indonesia, you will get a same reaction about comics, its COOL! and even cooler if you draw one.

Get on your own superhero adventures!

Our dearest comic writer and artist duo from Indonesia, Oyas and Ecky, were spending a week on the islands of Lombok, Indonesia doing community outreach program by the means of comic storytelling. Their journey begin from Jakarta, to Senaru, a village before the mighty Rinjani volcano. They were invited by local environment group who just setup a small public library, and doing sessions with local kids on drawing and storytelling. Everybody can draw, we draw before we write our first letter, but most adult will forget that joy drawing brings. Kids, on the other hand, always fascinate to tell their stories with scribbles, create a world which only them understand, and they are the superheroes. When you ask verbally, "what do you want to become when you grow older?" we might get some typical answer like, teacher, doctor, police, or soldier. But when they have their paper and crayons, the imagination start to kick in. their drawing will show the multiverse of me. Because we are naturally a storyteller, we just need to find our own way to tell stories.


We enjoy reading comics, we love the characters, the magnificent battle between heroes and villain, they all mixed together in another session of sharing with Oyas and Ecky. At Bumblebee Montessori, on the island of Gili Trawangan, the kids were having a story-mashup. Oyas start with a story from Bumilangit Universe (you can say they are the Marvel Comics of Indonesia), Putrago, hitech flying genius; Tira, the all powerfull girl, and Lolo, the wonder baby with ultrasonic power. Three of them must face the wrath of Xrephus, an innocent pet turned monster after being abandon by his owner, Ztulos. Xrephus grew into a gigantic monster eating anything in front of him, and getting bigger on each chew. This is too big of a problem to handle by our trio! We need help! Excited with the stories, all the kids want to help! Each of them mentioned a character of their own. Spiderman come to the rescue, blasting his web to shut Xrephus's mouth. OH NO, new villain come! Godzilla is helping Xrephus! No worries, we have THE LONE WOLF, trapping Godzilla with his agility. Our heroes got the last backup from the giant worm, who squeezed Xrephus so he can no longer going rampage and got back to his normal cute fluffy form. They all live happily ever after, when a wise King and a kind Queen adopted Xrephus to their care. Give round of applause! That conclude the 1 hour session with the kids.


So take your pencil, grab your ipad, and start scribbling you own comics! Dont worry if you find your drawing or your story is not exactly as goos as any other comics or manga you've read. Because this one is special and priceless, it's YOURS.

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