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Founded in 2020, ComXnaut Studio is a community of artists and students from all walks of life working side-by-side in a conducive environment that encourages and inspires artistic growth.


We believe everyone has an artist inside them, looking to express themselves and we want to help you find your artistic voice.

Each and every one of our artists has experience in the studio and in the classroom, meaning not only do you get seasoned teachers with in-depth knowledge in drawing art, manga and comics, alongside unique teaching techniques too!


Traditional drawing classes and educational workshops are available, we're also open for design projects, commissions and live events on request.


Get in touch with us today to find out more!

Welcome to ComXnaut Studio!
Welcome to ComXnaut Studio!

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Our Studio Heads
Our Studio Heads

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Classes with ComXnaut Studio
Classes with ComXnaut Studio

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Welcome to ComXnaut Studio!
Welcome to ComXnaut Studio!

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Stronger, Confident Artists

At ComXnaut Studio, our mission is to create a safe communal space for all kinds of artists, beginners to professionals, to come together and express their creative potential.


We believe in unlocking the inner artist within each and every one of us, offering a wide range of classes for all.


Whether you’re a professional seeking new inspirations, fresh new learners hoping to learn a thing or two about visual storytelling, or just simply interested in picking up a new hobby, ComXnaut Studio is here to warmly welcome you into the fold.

Our first poster!




Co-Founder | Concept Artist
Illustrator | Events Management

Ronald is a visual artist with 10 years of working experience in Singapore as a designer in both traditional and digital fields.

Having studied from 3DSense, Ron  maintains a full-time commitment to concept design and illustrations, ranging from comics to event-based work including live caricatures, as well as a certified AMIS Arts instructor conducting art courses in schools and companies all over.

Xavier profile pic_edited.jpg


Studio Head | Comics Artist
Arts Teacher | Graphic Designer

Xavier is an experienced illustrations artist and teacher working in Singapore with a variety of schools, art projects and events, bearing a love in all things visual related, manga, comics, TV and movies.

​Sharing a striking passion to understand and relate to his students, Xavier makes a consistent effort to seek out new art forms that compliment his work and teachings not commonly covered in most art courses, much to our students’ delight.



Co-Founder | Comics Artist
Course  and Student Advisor

Nik is the proud owner of Comxnaut comics store with decades worth of experience and ties built among the local comics community, previously operating from  Katong Shopping Centre.

Formerly trained in Fashion Arts at Baharuddin Vocational Institute he excels in fashion proficiencies and sequential art, as well as running the daily operations of the studio, from administrative to teaching and on-site advisory roles.

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